Running Accessories for Dogs

Do like to go running or jogging? When you do, do you like having your dog with you?

If you’re an experienced runner, then you know how important it is to have the right gear. Your pup also needs the best running accessories for dogs.

The running accessories for dogs mentioned in this article are not just to make your dog look good.

These are serious tools that will make all of your jogs safer and more enjoyable.

If you are new to running with a dog, check out this article with tips about how to run with a dog.

Controlling Your Dog

Your dog’s leash helps you to quickly control your dog. There are many things you will meet during your run that you don’t want your dog chasing after.

The right leash helps you stay focused on your run.

Regular Dog Leash

My wife and I many times went running with our beagle using only a regular leash. The leash was long enough that our dog was able to wander a little bit but not too much. You want a balance between freedom and control.

running accessories for dogs

The important things with a regular leash to that it should be sturdy, comfortable length, and suitable for the size of your dog. There should also be padding on the handle to avoid rope burns.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

You may not want to hold a leash the entire time you are running or jogging. A good hands-free leash allows you complete use of your hands and arms but still keeps your pooch from wandering too far.

These leashes come with a waist belt that you wear. Depending on the brand, they may also provide various pouches for treats, poop bags, or your phone.

The hands-free leash is not just for running. Anytime you want both hands free, while running, walking, or hiking, this style of leash may be the best for you.

You need to make sure that the waist belt will be comfortable for you. Also, buy a leash that is suitable for your breed.

Double Dog Leash

Have you ever tried running with two dogs on separate leashes? Let’s face it, even walking two dogs can be a challenge.

A double dog leash can solve most of your tangling problems.

Choose a double dog leash that has a padded handle and a 360 degree swivel clasp. Also, there should be a bungee extension for each dog.

Big Dog Harness

If your dog is a medium or large breed, then you should consider using a harness rather than a collar.

A harness will help you control a larger dog without chocking.

You need a harness that is easily adjustable and easy to put on and take off. A good harness will be padded. Look for one with a breathable mesh to help your pup to stay cool.

Before you buy, carefully measure your dog according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to get the right size. You will need to adjust it for a snug, but not too tight fit.

Running Accessories for a Safe Dog

There are lots of products to keep your dog safe during your runs.

The most important safety feature is to be seen. You need lights or reflectors that will alert drivers and bike riders to you.

Using lights or reflectors will allow you and your dog to run in the cooler night air.

We also feature some running accessories for wet weather runs.

Safety Lights

Here’s an easy solution to be seen at night. Just take one or two LED lights and clip them to your dog’s collar or harness.

Here are the main features you want for LED lights:

  • bright
  • lightweight
  • sturdy
  • waterproof
  • long battery life

LED Harness

A great LED harness will come with a set of LED lights and reflective strips.

An additional benefit of using an LED harness is making it easier to find your dog if he somehow gets away from you during a night run.

Some of these LED vests are powered by a rechargeable battery. You recharge the battery via the micro USB port.

See above for the tips mentioned about how to choose the right harness for your dog.

LED Dog Collar

Here is an easy way to add visibility to your nightly walks and runs.

Most of the LED dog collars on the market are only for light. They are not collars that you can attach a leash to.

These have rechargeable lithium ion batteries. You recharge them using a USB cable.

Some models allow you to set the LED lights to quick blink, slow blink, or steady light modes.

Our article about dog collars gives you a ton of information about choosing the best collar for your dog.

Waterproof Dog Shoes

Dog shoes or booties are a great accessory if you live in an area with cold winters or hot summers.

The best dog shoes have rugged, non-slip soles and adjustable straps.

Based on the experience of folks who have bought these, the most important thing is to buy the right size for your dog. The manufacturer should have a size chart that will give you the details you need to measure your dog’s foot.

Though the booties may look cute, they are not primarily fashion items.

Also, it may take a few days for your pup to get used to wearing them.

Summer Dog Booties

As you would expect, summer dog shoes are very similar to the waterproof dog shoes described above.

The summer dog shoes are made of light and soft fabrics with a breathable mesh design. They are meant to protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement and thorns.

These dog shoes need to have non-skid soles and adjustable straps. You will need to carefully measure your dog’s feet to order the right size.


Of course, the main job of a dog raincoat is to keep your pooch dry. Therefore, the material it’s made from needs to be balanced between being lightweight and being waterproof.

Some dog raincoats are made with a pocket that they fold into. Also, some, are reversible, two patterns in one.

It’s worthwhile choosing a raincoat the reflective strips.

Also, make sure there is an opening so that you can easily attach your leash.

Running Accessories for Dog Health

Most people run either for health reasons or for enjoyment. No matter what motivates you to run, it’s important you take steps to stay healthy and avoid injury.

The same is true for your four legged companion. Here are some running accessories to help your dog stay healthy during and after runs.

Pet Water Bottle

It’s important that your dog be able to drink after you finish your run. And for long distances, he may need a drink while you’re still on the trail.

Choose a water bottle that has these features:

  • lightweight
  • holds enough water for your dog
  • easy to carry during your run
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • doesn’t leak

Collapsible Food Bowl

After your run and your cool down, it’s time for a snack. Don’t forget Bowser.

Choose a collapsible food bowl that has these features:

  • lightweight
  • holds enough food for your dog
  • big enough for your dog’s mouth
  • easy to carry during your run
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • if you’ll use it for water, that it doesn’t leak

Dog Paw Wax

No matter what surface you run on, your dog’s feet touch it all.

Even if she’s wearing doggie shoes, a run can still be hard on her paws.

You can apply a paw wax to her feet to protect them from hot pavement, sand and grit, snow, and salt.

A paw wax should be easy to apply and dry quickly. Quick drying means the wax will not stain your floors or carpets.

It’s also important that the wax and other ingredients are food quality.

Even though these waxes are sold as “paw wax,” they can also be applied to her ears, nose, and (if needed) hot spots.

Even though most dogs have no problems with paw wax, there are some reports of dogs reacting to them. These reports are not breed specific, so it’s hard to draw general conclusions about which dogs may react.

Veterinary Supplements for Dogs

People and dogs who run a lot may need extra vitamins and minerals in their diet.

I admit that I’m reluctant to include a vitamin and mineral supplement as one of the running accessories for dogs. The reason is because it’s always hard to know if they are necessary or if they help.

However, there are many people who feel that their dog is not getting the right nutrition from their food. If that describes you, then trying a vitamin supplement for one or two months could be a good idea.

Of course, if you’ve spotted a particular problem with your dog, it’s good to seek your vet’s advice.

Dog Treat Pouch

These dog treat pouches are usually marketed for holding treats during dog training. But they can be used for much more than that.

Of course, they hold treats, and 100% of dogs surveyed are in favor of treats. 🙂

You may find the pouch handy for carrying an id, keys, phone, or poop bags.

The treat pouch should make it easy to pull out a treat and close automatically.

A nice feature is to have a removable liner that can be machine washed.

Running Accessories for Dog Comfort

I wasn’t sure what to call these products. The beds are for your dog’s comfort and your ease of use when traveling with your dog.

A poop bag holder is meant to make your life easier after your dog does her business.

Poop Bag Holder

Responsible dog owners pick up the dog poop and deposit it in the trash.

If you’re not willing to deal with your dog’s droppings, then get a different pet.

There. I said it.

When you are out jogging or running, there will come a time when your dog needs to do his business. When you are carrying a poop bag holder, you will never be without a bag.

Poop bag holders have clips so you can attach them to your belt, or the dog’s leash or collar.

Dog Back Seat Hammock

Dog back seat covers or hammocks are meant to protect your car seats from dirt, mud, and water.

Here are the features to look for:

  • easy to install
  • fit for your vehicle
  • secure fit in your car
  • waterproof
  • padded for comfort
  • easy to clean

When used as a hammock, the seat cover can help prevent your dog from sticking his head between the front seats.

Outdoor Dog Bed

You may not want to fill your entire backseat with a dog hammock.

But you want a place for your dog to rest and sleep on the ride home after your run.

Then take a look at portable outdoor dog beds.

You will want a bed that is waterproof and easy to clean. Some are even machine washable.