18 Dog Accessories for Weddings

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Your wedding day is one that you put a lot of thought and planning into.

Is your dog also going to be part of the celebration? This article will help you choose the right dog accessories for weddings.

Dog Accessories for Weddings

We buy lots of accessories for our dogs. So it’s not surprising that there are wedding accessories for dogs.

These are lots of choices for dog wedding attire ranging from practical to whimsical.

Dog Ring Bearer Outfit

Will your pup make the cutest ring bearer ever? Then you need a special ring bearer pillow.

Your next decision is whether you will let your dog carry your real rings down the aisle?

Well, that’s the ring bearer’s job, right? Some couples have carefully attached their real rings to the pillow. Then their dog carries the rings down the aisle.

Other couples are reluctant to trust their dog with their rings.

The ring bearer pillow comes with symbolic wedding rings attached. So they use it as is. The dog walks down the aisle and looks cute. Not many people realize it’s a fake ring. Everyone is happy.

The choice is yours. Both ways can work.

Dog Tuxedo Suit

Why shouldn’t your dog dress up for your special day? The dressiest of dog wedding clothes is the dog tuxedo suit.

The dog tuxedo pictured above comes in five sizes to fit all breeds.

The dog tuxedo is easy to put on and take off. It is also machine washable.

Princess Dress Doggy Costume

The Princess Dress costume is meant for small breeds such as chihuahuas, poodles and pomeranians.

The dress is hand wash only recommended because of the sequins and tutu.

Veil for Dogs

Bridal veils have a lot of history and tradition behind them. Reportedly, brides in ancient Rome wore veils.

It seems doubtful that doggie wedding veils have such a long tradition. But, why not go all the way with your precious pooch.

Dog Bandana

Wedding themed bandanas are a very popular dog wedding accessory.

A bandana is probably the easiest way to dress up your dog for the wedding.

Wedding bandanas may be called “one size fits all,” but be sure to check the dimensions before you buy.

Here are a few of the saying on dog wedding bandanas:

  • I loved her first
  • My humans are getting married!
  • She said yes!
  • Will you marry my dad?
  • I Do Too
  • Dog of Honor
  • Best Dog
  • My mommy and daddy got married!

The most popular dog bandanas are white, but there are plenty of other background colors and patterns to choose from.

Dog Bow Tie

There are plenty of bow ties that you can buy for your dog.

But, for your wedding you will want the formal look of a dog wedding bow tie.

Like with so many dog accessories for weddings, you need to choose the right size bow tie for your breed.

Dog Necklace Collar

What jewelry should you choose for your wedding day?

Most brides ask themselves that question.

Suddenly, the decision becomes more complicated when you are also choosing the right wedding collar for your dog!

You certainly don’t want her wearing her daily collar!

The necklace collar shown above features ombre pearls and rhinestones with a ribbon bow.

It come in 3 sizes: Neck Size 8″- 10″, Neck Size 10″ – 12″ and Neck Size 12″ – 14″.

Whichever brand you choose, make sure it’s the right size for your special pup.

Small Dogs Collar Charms

Here’s an easy way to dress up your dog for your special day.

Some sellers will let you request colors so you can make sure your pup matches your wedding color scheme.

Honor Wedding Dog Collar Charm

What can be easier than attaching this charm to your dog’s collar?

It’s an easy way to make your special pup part of the wedding celebration.

The bone shaped silver charm is 1.5 inches wide. The charm is surrounded with rhinestones.

They also produce a similar charm with the words “Best Dog.”

Wedding Dog Bandana Top Hat Bow Tie Set

This dog wedding set is the easy way to outfit your pooch.

The top hat with sequins gives him a dashing look.

As is true with most of these dog wedding accessories, you much carefully measure your pet to make sure things will fit correctly.

Dog Rhinestone Crown Hair Clip

Maybe a dog tiara is the best way to dress up your girl dog for your wedding.

The clip shown above features rhinestones set on a hair clip. It measures about 1.2 inches high by 1.8 inches long.

This style is suitable for all dogs except those with short hair.

There are other clips designed for dogs with short hair.

White Dog Leash

Clearly your every day dog leash is not the one to use on your wedding day.

For just a few bucks your dog can be sporting a white cotton rope leash with gold color fittings.

This leash is 5 feet long and about 1/2 inch thick. It is suitable for large and medium size breeds. It is not recommended for dogs weighing less than 12 pounds.

As an added touch, it is machine washable, gentle cycle and line dry.

Stainless Steel Wire Faux Pearls Leash

How about a pearl dog leash as the perfect dog wedding accessory!

Don’t worry about the cost. It’s made with faux pearls that won’t break the bank.

This 4-foot long pearl dog leash is suitable for small and medium sized dogs but not large dogs.

For You and Your Guests

Dog accessories for weddings are not limited to just what your dog may wear.

There’s no reason why you and your guests can’t also share in the dog theme.

Black Diamond Dog Paw Earrings

There are lots of dog themed earrings available.

However, it’s hard with earrings to distinguish which breed is being portrayed.

Therefore, a great alternative is dog paw earrings.

The earrings pictured above are 0.4 inches wide and 1.1 inches long.

Bridesmaid Gift – Sterling Silver Puppy Paw Stud Earrings

Here’s another entry in the dog paw earrings category.

Each earring measures 0.31 inches wide and 0.28 inches high.

These earrings are nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and hypoallergenic. That’s important for my wife who reacts to nickel.

Your purchase of these earrings includes:

  • 2x S925 Earrings
  • 1x Silver Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x Gift Bag

Shawl Wrap For Wedding Daily Wear

Even though your wedding day may be warm, there is still a chance for a cool evening or for the wedding hall to be cool due to air conditioning. That’s when a shawl could come in handy.

This dog-themed shawl is made from 30% cashmere and 70% polyester.

It is 77 inches long (including the tassels) and 27 inches wide.

It can be worn as a scarf, shawl, head wrap, blanket or cover.

Here’s another idea: use it as a decoration at your wedding or a souvenir for your guests.

Dog Ring Dish Holder

There will always be times when you want to take off your rings and other jewelry. You won’t want to worry about them getting lost.

That’s where this cute puppy ring holder dish comes in handy.

You can put rings on the dog’s tail or loose on the dish itself.

The dish is a tad under 5 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches high.

Men’s Classic Pre-Tied Bow Tie Wedding Formal

Here’s the doggie bow tie you’ve been looking for!

This bow tie is pre-tied and comes with a 19 inch long adjustable strap.

These bow ties come in many patterns beside the one show above.

They can also be used as table decorations.

Summary of Dog Accessories for Weddings

Deciding to include your dog in your wedding day is a big decision.

Dog Accessories for Weddings

This article has looked at many wedding accessories for dogs. Many of them can help make it practical for your dog to be part of the festivities.

Also, most of these dog accessories are very affordable!

Other will add cuteness and precious memories to your special day.