8 Pool Accessories for Dogs

The right swimming pool accessories for dogs will help your entire family enjoy pool season.

Here are eight types of accessories for you to consider.

Your dog may not need every one of these pool accessories, but I’m sure this article will give you some good ideas.

Dog Swim Vest

A dog swim vest makes a lot of sense for dogs who aren’t yet good swimmers.

A swim vest can also help you quickly find and rescue a dog that needs assistance. Many vests have handles on the top which allow you to easily grab hold of your dog.

You need to carefully measure your dog according to the seller’s instructions for each type of swim vest.

Many vests come in 6 sizes from XX-small to X-large.

Based on my research, the top rescue handle on some vests may not be sturdy enough for a large dog. Therefore, if you have a large dog, make sure to choose a swim vest with a sturdy handle.

Floating Flying Ring

Does your dog like to play fetch? Then a floating flying disc may be the right toy for use in the pool.

Some glow in the dark so you can even enjoy it at night.

You may be assuming that you can only recharge it in the sunlight. In fact, you can easily recharge it at night by just shining a flashlight on it!

The Chuckit Flying Ring comes in various colors that are easy to spot even at a long distance.

It comes in many different sizes so you can get the right size for your dog’s mouth.

They are sturdy but to make it last longer you won’t want to let your dog chew on it all the time.

Inflatable Raft / Pool Float

Some times you just want to enjoy floating on the water without getting wet. And there are times when your dog wants the same thing.

An inflatable raft for your dog must be sturdy enough to be puncture resistant. Also, it must be made of material that will cope with sun damage from UV radiation.

These floats work best if you don’t overfill them with air. And to be safe, keep your dog’s nails trimmed!


The KONG Aqua features a foam core and a bright color. It floats in your pool and can be easily spotted even from a distance.

It comes is two sizes. The large one weighs 8.8 ounces and is meant for dogs weighing 30 – 65 pounds.

The medium size weighs only 5.6 ounces and is perfect for dogs from 15 – 35 pounds.

Though most buyers love the KONG, some complain that their dog easily chewed off the rope. That problem doesn’t keep the KONG from floating in water.

If you dog loves tugging contests you should look into other pool toys.

There are some complaints that it doesn’t seem to hold up well if you want to play tug with it. The rope too easily comes out with a lot of tugging.

Pool Ramp

Some dogs enjoy the water, but have trouble getting in and out of the pool.

That’s where a special dog pool ramp or ladder can help.

The Skamper Ramp attaches to the side of your pool. When properly attached, it floats on the water.

Many dogs have trouble using the steps that are built into your pool. However, this ramp is easy for them to see and use to climb out of the water.

Some people find that their dog has trouble getting proper traction on the ramp. They solve that problem by weaving a rope through the holes in the ramp. Then their dog has a sort of rope ladder they can climb up and out of the pool.

You may need to have patience to train your dog how to use the ramp.

Pet Dog Floating Soccer Ball

Here’s another floating dog toy that dogs love. It keeps floating even if your dog puts a hole in it!

This floating soccer ball comes in two sizes and three colors. The colors are green, blue, and red.

The two sizes are large (8 inch diameter) and medium (6 inch diameter).

The floating soccer ball is not meant to be a chew toy. If your dog only wants to chew, then there are better toy choices for him.

Water Boots & Pool Shoes for Dogs

Dog boots can make your pup’s time around the pool more pleasant.

We all know that the pavement near the pool can get hot. These boots can protect her paws from the heat.

Also, dog boots can keep your dog’s claws from damaging the pool liner.

The most difficult part of buying dog boots is finding the right size for your dog.

The boots by Pawz come in 7 sizes ranging from Tiny to X-Large. To choose the right size you need to measure your dog’s paw. The company provides a chart to help you know how to do the measurement.

Even so, you may still need to experiment some to find the perfect size for your dog.

These boots come in a package of 12. That means if one wears out, you can quickly replace it.

Dog Drying Coat

Your dog may love the water, but do you love a wet dog?

A dog drying coat may be the perfect way to dry your dog and keep him from shaking water all over the place.

These coats come in 7 sizes: XS up to XXXL.

It features straps you can tie to keep it in place.

It will quickly dry your dog and also keep her warm after getting out of the water.

A drying coat like this can be used after swimming or after a bath.

You may find your dog likes it so much that she’ll want to wear it all the time.

Please note that you will want to wash it before using it. Some people have found that (like a lot of clothing) the color may run at the beginning.

Choosing the Right Pool Accessories for Dogs

I hope this article has given you good ideas about which swimming pool accessories may be best for your dog.

The 8 products that I featured are good examples in each category. Fortunately, there are lots of other products in each category. You should be able to find one that’s perfect for your dog.

If you also spend time out on a boat, don’t miss my article on boating accessories for dogs.