8 Motorcycle Accessories for Dogs

Do you ride a motorcycle? Do you ever ride with a friend? What if that friend you want to ride with is your dog?

Can you safely ride with a dog on a motorcycle?

The answer is “Yes!” Especially if you have the right motorcycle accessories for dogs when you ride together.

In this article let’s look at motorcycle accessories for dogs. We’ll start with accessories that protect your dog from injury.

Then we’ll examine some motorcycle dog carriers. Then, lastly, we’ll look at some books and videos about motorcycle sidecars and your dog.

Motorcycle Dog Accessories for Protection

I’m certain that keeping your dog safe is one of your top priorities. That’s why I’m starting this article with a section on protective clothing and other accessories.

Also, read here for more tips on traveling safely with your dog.

Motorcycle Clothes

We all know that riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, but cold! Chances are that your sweet pup will also feel the cold.

You can help make her ride more comfortable by choosing a windproof and waterproof leather coat for her.

Pay close attention to the sizing guidelines when choosing which coat to buy. You’ll need to measure your pup’s back length, neck length, and chest.

Dog Helmet

A dog helmet looks cute and it provides some protection for her head. The helmet will protect her from sun exposure and rain when you are out riding.

Look for a helmet that features adjustable nylon straps for a proper fit. There should also be a sponge liner that will cushion any blows to the head.

Steampunk Dog Goggles

Is your pup cool enough for vintage steampunk aviator pilot style goggles?

Not every dog can pull it off, but maybe yours can.

The particular brand I found comes in one size only. They are suitable for most medium and large dogs. They are definitely not for small dogs. However, in the online reviews, the main complaint is about sizing issues.

They do feature adjustable straps and a sponge frame, so it should be comfortable if it is the right size for your pup.

Rex Specs Dog Goggles

The Rex Specs Dog Goggles are not a mere prop or toy. These are serious dog goggles that come in 6 sizes. They are rated UV400 which means they block over 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

Of course, you need to measure your dog’s head carefully to make sure you order the proper size.

One other important point: the manufacturer says it can take between one to three weeks to train your dog to wear the Rex Specs. Fortunately, they have a recommended training program for you and your pup to follow.

Aviator Cap

The Dog Aviator Cap is meant to keep your pooch warm. It is made from leather with a fleece lining.

The one I found comes in two colors (coffee and black) and five sizes.

As with so many pet products, one of the hard things is getting the size right.

The other question is will your dog love it or hate it? This you won’t know until you try.

Motorcycle Accessories for Dogs – Carriers

There are many ways to carry your dog on your motorcycle. In this section we’ll look at some motorcycle dog carriers and talk about the pros and cons of each one.

Motorcycle Pet Carrier

A motorcycle pet carrier allows your dog to ride in comfort on the back of your motorcycle.

The Milwaukee Performance carrier is made of waterproof material. It features a top opening so your dog can stick her head out and enjoy the breeze.

This carrier comes in only one size and is suitable for small and medium size dogs. It’s suggested that dogs up to 20 pounds can use the carrier.

Features to look for with a motorcycle pet carrier include:

  • how it attaches to your bike
  • waterproof material
  • the size of the carrier vs size of your dog
  • enough internal air flow
  • adequate storage pockets

Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier Crate

The Kuryakyn Pet Palace comes in two sizes, small for dogs up to 20 pounds and large for dogs up to 35 pounds.

It features a top window that your pup can stick his head out. There are also four mesh windows for ventilation and viewing.

The front opening is zippered in such a way that it folds down completely to make for easy pup loading and unloading.

There is also an internal adjustable leash system that keeps your dog secure while she is in the bag.

Dog Carrier Backpack

A pet carrier backpack allows you to easily carry your dog and keep both hands free.

These come in 2 main styles. The “legs out” style features four holes that accommodate your pup’s legs.

The other main style is a sport sack which holds your dog and only his head is sticking out.

For the legs out style, you must carefully measure your pet’s chest, distance between front and back legs, and leg circumference. Only then can you determine which size backpack will work for you.

For either style, you want to be sure the carrier is comfortable for your dog and for you. How comfortable you are wearing the backpack will be based on your dog’s weight, the weight of the backpack, and the padding on the shoulder straps.

Some of these backpacks are designed to be worn in the front as well as the back. You may find that your dog prefers to be facing the front when you carry him.

Motorcycle Sidecar Resources

Is your dog too big for the dog carriers mentioned above? Does your dog want more freedom of movement than the carriers offer? If so, then maybe you will want to have your pup ride in a motorcycle sidecar.

There are a few companies that sell motorcycle sidecars. If you are interested, here are a few resources that you may find helpful.


Dogs Ride: Motorcycle Sidecar Riding for Dogs

If you are not experienced riding a motorcycle with a sidecar, this could be the book for you.

Here is some of what it contains:

  • basic commands and dog training tips for introducing your dog to the motorcycle sidecar
  • advice on harnesses and eye protection
  • outfitting your sidecar for you and your dog
  • evaluating motorcycles and sidecars for purchase
  • avoiding many common pitfalls when choosing your first rig
  • finding training and what to expect during and after your training experience
  • optimizing your riding experience
  • maintaining your equipment

This is not a long book (only 112 pages) but it contains lots of worthwhile information.

One note: a few people who bought this book complained about some typos and grammar mistakes. However, if you can overlook those flaws, there are many people who found this book to be helpful and valuable.


Sit Stay Ride is a documentary (dogumentory?) about folks who ride motorcycles with their dogs in a sidecar.

The video is 1 hour 17 minutes long. It’s IMDb rating is 7.4/10. Not bad at all.

You will enjoy how the documentary captures the individuals who love their motorcycles and their four-legged friends. Maybe it will inspire you to get a sidecar and doggles for your pup.

Here’s the trailer for the movie:


motorcycle accessories for dogs
As you can see, there are many motorcycle accessories for dogs to choose from.