8 Halloween Dog Skeleton Decorations

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Here are 8 Halloween dog skeleton decorations for all dog lovers. Whether you want a creepy Halloween display or a cute one, there is a decoration for you to love in this list.

I’ve provided a brief description of each dog skeleton Halloween decoration. In particular, for those with lights, I’ve pointed out if it needs batteries or a power cord.

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Genius Dog

Several of the decorations I’ve included in this list are inflatables.

In general, they come with a built-in blower that automatically inflates it as soon as you turn plug it in. They also tend to have stakes and ropes that you use to keep them from blowing around.

Halloween Dog Skeleton Decorations

23 Inch Poseable Dog Skeleton
23 Inch Poseable Dog Skeleton

This weiner dog skeleton stands 23 inches long and 7.5 inches tall. That’s almost the same size as a real dachshund.

It can be used indoors and outdoors. This is perfect for Halloween scenes and decorations, party favors, and skeleton bones themed parties.

Halloween Dog Skeleton that Lights Up
Halloween Dog Skeleton that Lights Up

This inflatable Halloween skeleton dog is over 3 feet long and almost 2 feet wide. After inflating it stands 6 feet tall.

It comes with a built-in air blower. Once you plug it in, it self-inflates very quickly.

The set comes with:

  • Halloween inflatable dog with the LED light and blower
  • 4 plastic stakes
  • 2 ropes
  • Power Adaptor

The stakes and ropes allow you to position it firmly in your yard with fear that it will fall over.

Inflatable Skeleton Dog with LED Lights
Inflatable Skeleton Dog with LED Lights

This scary inflatable dog skeleton measures 4.9 x 2.8 x 3.9 feet (length x width x height). It includes a blower with a 10 foot long power cord and ground stakes to keep it in place.

The built-in LED lights flash.

Cute Weiner Dog Halloween Decoration
Cute Weiner Dog Halloween Decoration

This cute weiner dog won’t scare away any of your Halloween guests.

The inflatable dog is about 4 feet long and 4 feet tall. He’s carry three jack-o-lanterns on his back and head.

The pup has a built-in LED lights and air blower for easy inflation. The kit includes the power adapter and 4 stakes to secure it to your yard.

Barking Skeleton Bulldog
Barking Skeleton Bulldog

This vicious skeleton bulldog is not cute and is not man’s best friend.

The bulldog is 18 x 7 x 8 inches (length x width x height). So he’s not large, but packs a punch.

It barks viciously and it’s evil red eyes light up. It also features a spkied collar and a leash.

It’s all powered with 3-LR44 watch batteries included with your purchase.

Witch Hat Skeleton Dog
Witch Hat Skeleton Dog

Let’s have some more cute! Personally, I love the dog bone bow tie on this inflatable pup.

This inflatable Halloween decoration stands 5 feet tall. It comes with ground stakes, tie down ropes, built-in sandbags, and a power adapter.

It features built-in LED lights and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Skeleton Wiener Dog
Skeleton Wiener Dog

This skeleton Weiner dog is 5 feet long. It features built-in LED lights.

The dachshund is holding a jack-o-lantern in his mouth. There is also an LED in the pumpkin.

The kit includes ground stakes, tie down ropes, built-in sandbags, and a power adapter to inflate the skeleton.

Mini Poodle Dog Skeleton
Mini Poodle Dog Skeleton

This dog skeleton is super cute. But it’s also very small.

This is not meant to be in your yard or probably not on your front porch. However, it could be a great decoration on shelf or your table.

How small is it? It’s 7.5 inches long (includes the tail) and 6.6 inches wide. It is only 2.8 inches tall.

So if you’re looking for something small and cute, grab one of these.